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Flu vaccine recommendations call for employee declination documentation

Despite influenza vaccination campaigns in recent years, flu shot acceptance rate among healthcare workers still hovers around only 42%. That’s a low rate by any measure for a supposedly well-informed occupational class such as healthcare workers.

Recently the Association for Professionals in Infection Control [1] (APIC) has released recommendations that healthcare facilities obtain statements that acknowledge patient risk from employees who decline the vaccine without a medical reason.These new recommendations apply to physicians, nurses, therapists, and other workers in a variety of healthcare settings, including physician offices, dental practices, hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers, outpatient settings, and home health settings.

The recommendations have been published in an APIC position paper, Influenza Immunization of Healthcare Personnel [2]. APIC urges facilities to adhere to the guidelines set by the CDC by incorporating a comprehensive strategy for influenza vaccination.

To download a sample influenza vaccination declination form that meets the APIC recommendation go to the OSHA Healthcare Advisor Tools page [3].