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Welcome to OSHA Healthcare Advisor!

If you are responsible for the health and safety of workers in a medical practice or other ambulatory healthcare settings, then this is your place. Here you can catch up on the latest OSHA standards or CDC guidelines, acquire employee training tips, monitor citations and fines, pose questions to experts in safety and infection control, participate in a weekly poll, download OSHA tools and checklists, or weigh in on compliance issues specific to healthcare.

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UPDATED OSHA Online Learning Courses

HCPro's online learning courses are designed to train healthcare workers on several of the most pertinent OSHA topics. The newly redesigned courses meet OSHA training standards for new hires and annual retraining. They also meet GHS awareness requirements.

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Ask the expert: Should biohazard bins be kept behind closed doors?

Q: We are based in Colorado. Do our red bins for biohazard waste need to be locked in a closet or if it is OK to keep them behind a closed door that is not necessarily locked?
A: There is no specific OSHA regulation that requires medical waste to be locked in a closet, and in […]

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