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Nurses: What inspires you to reach for excellence?

Nurses Week is a good time to reflect on what sets the nursing profession apart from so many others. Nurses have a reverence for the work (however flawed circumstances may be on a day-to-day basis), and a commitment to bettering the “caring profession.”

This Nurses Week, please give some thought to what inspires Elizabeth Kenney2you to reach for excellence. Submit your favorite inspirational quotes and sayings in the comments box below and we will share them so all can be uplifted. We’ll also compile the best into a resource to sustain you on the days when you face challenges.

Here’s a quote from an amazing Australian nurse, Elizabeth Kenney. In the 1930’s, she pioneered the use of physical therapy, rather than immobilization, for polio victims.


It is better to be a lion for a day
than a sheep all your life.

             —Elizabeth Kenney, 1880-1952


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National Nurse Recognition Day: Do you feel recognized?

Happy Nurses Week! Today kicks off the annual celebrations and May 6 is officially National Nurse Recognition Day.

Do you feel recognized? Have you been celebrated by the organization where you work? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

A few years ago, I wrote a story for HealthLeaders Media (a sister company of HCPro) about the annual celebration of Nurses Week. I titled the article “Do we still need Nurses Week?” and used the question as a way to examine whether nurses receive the recognition they deserve all year long.

“[E]ach year, health systems make a big deal out of Nurses Week. Nurses are thanked, exalted, and much is made of the touchy-feely aspect of nursing. There’s a guilt complex at work here-one-week recognition permits nurses to be ignored and under-valued for the remaining 51 weeks.”

As we give gifts, enjoy celebrations, and feast on platters of cookies this week, let’s also make sure we take time to discuss the crucial role nurses play in patient safety. If you’re a manager, take time to talk about not only the caring side of your staff’s work, but their highly skilled, critical thinking professionalism.

“Let’s frame this year’s Nurse Week festivities less in the context of nurses as angelic heroes (they are) and celebrate the highly-skilled professionals who possess critical-thinking, problem-solving, and care coordination skills that ensure patient safety every day.”

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HCPro prepares to celebrate Nurses Week

As preparations ramp up for this year’s Nurses Week, it’s not too late to purchase gifts for your nurses! Consider showing your appreciation for your nurses by giving them some cutting-edge resources devoted to professional development.

The Preceptor Program Builder

The Preceptor Program Builder provides professional development staff the keys to creating successful preceptor programs in the healthcare environment.

The book provides a core design for developing preceptors that can be applied to any program and discipline where preceptors orient or transition new employees, students, or persons transitioning into a new role or position. This work invites all groups, disciplines, and professions to create a framework built on practical tools, definitions, principles, and concepts for training preceptors and building formal preceptorships.

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Effective Preceptor Handbook for Nurses (10 Pack)

The Effective Preceptor Handbook for Nurses provides new preceptors with the evidence-based skills they need to build supportive one-on-one teaching and learning relationships with new nurses.

Nurse preceptors in training will learn how to access adult learning styles, validate competencies, develop critical feedback and evaluation skills, and gain confidence to successfully onboard and launch their preceptees. Preceptors will also be introduced to the idea of portfolio-building as a way to prepare for certification.

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The Essential Preceptee Handbook (10 Pack)

The Essential Preceptee Handbook provides new members of staff with the guidance and support they need to build supportive one-on-one relationships with their preceptors and helps them acclimate to the work environment and culture.

In this invaluable and compact handbook, preceptees will evaluate how they learn and how to improve critical thinking, gain confidence in receiving and giving feedback, and develop the skills they need to successfully transition to service. This handbook is an essential part of any onboarding experience for new employees.

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Are you ready for National Nurses Week?

It is almost time to begin the celebrations for National Nurses Week, whose theme this year is “Nurses: Leading the Way.”

Each day during National Nurses Week, HCPro will be celebrating by offering exciting giveaways and special promotions. Keep an eye on your email for a chance to register to win!

Many managers and healthcare organizations enjoy rewarding nurses at this special time with a gift that treats, celebrates, or encourages their nursing staff. This year, consider the gift of professional development with a book from HCPro. Thank your staff with one of these nursing resources.

Provide professional support for nurses on the go

Quick-E Pro: Time Management: A Guide For Nurses by Debbie Buchwach, BSN, RN-BC

Give your staff the gift of less stress for National Nurses Week with these handy guides that are filled with real-world advice and designed to help nurses better manage their time, avoid burnout, and improve their work-life balance. Provide the coaching they need to develop and succeed with Quick-E! Pro Time Management: A Guide for Nurses. Click here for more information.

You might also be interested in:

Quick-E! Pro Scripting: A Guide for Nurses, which helps nurses communicate clearly and confidently with patients, physicians, and peers.

Quick-E! Pro: Evidence-Based Practice: A Guide for Nurses, which walks nurses through how to find evidence and critique literature and therefore make evidence-based practice a top priority for themselves and your organization.

Salute to Nurses 2013

As Nurses Week 2013 approaches, the Boston Globe has released its annual Salute to Nurses, which commends the nursing profession and allows hundreds of people to write in and celebrate nurses who have made a difference to them. Nurses from across Massachusetts were nominated by their colleagues, employers, and patients; some received multiple nominations.

Many of the letters applaud the nominated nurses for their compassion, dedication, knowledge, and professionalism. It is clear in reading the letters that the care the nurses provided left a lasting impression on those recommending them for a “salute.” Each letter serves as a reminder that nurses are ordinary people doing extraordinary work everyday, and it’s encouraging to see that work recognized and applauded.

How will your facility be celebrating Nurses Week?

A picture is worth 1,000 words: Tell your nursing story in photos

In a continuing effort to recognize nurses, the Center to Champion Nursing in America (CCNA) is requesting high quality photos that depict nurses’ work and the relationships they form with patients and families. The winning photograph will be featured in an AARP print and/or web publication.

CCNA hopes to gather images of nurses across all healthcare settings in professional practice and leadership roles, as well as in recruitment and retention activities, and nursing education.

The contest is running through June 25, 2010, and all rules can be found by clicking here.

Even if your submission is not a winner, all qualifying photos will be featured in the CCNA’s new public repository of images.


In honor of Nurses Week: 10 Reasons to Become a Nurse

I would like to introduce Jennifer Johnson, who will be a guest blogger on the topic of nurse practitioner schools among other hot topics in nursing. Welcome Jennifer to the Leaders’ Lounge!

Here is a list of 10 reasons to become a nurse:

  1. To meet a critical need. There is a great need for qualified nursing professionals to fill vacant positions at healthcare facilities across the country. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the nursing shortage is only expected to increase.
  2. To ease pain and suffering. Nursing is the sort of profession where one’s daily responsibilities directly contribute to helping patients improve their condition. Rarely a day goes by where a nurse is not making someone’s life better and taking steps to improve someone’s health. Whether you’re a military nurse caring for wounded soldiers in the field or an oncology nurse preparing a patient for chemotherapy, your work makes a difference. For this reason, many nurses find their work very rewarding.
  3. Nurses are in-demand and will be for years to come. A good RN doesn’t stay unemployed for long in the U.S., and it’s likely to stay that way well into the future
  4. To teach patients how to live a healthier lifestyle. Patient education is a huge part of being a nurse. Not only do nurses educate patients on how to appropriately manage their diseases and conditions, but they also encourage them to make lifestyle changes that can contribute greatly to the patient’s overall health.
  5. Nurses can specialize. If you have a passion to work with a particular population group, such as newborns, children, or the elderly, you will have the opportunity to work specifically with those patients. Over time, nurses gain the skills necessary to become certified in a specific area and can seek out work in areas that are of particular interest to them. [more]

A Touch. A Word. A Cause for Healing: Honoring nurses

This post is from Ron Watson who is director of communications for Doylestown Hospital in Doylestown, PA. He discusses his experience at Doylestown, where he was hospitalized for 10 days and now praises his nurses for all they did.

I’m familiar with order sets and eMAR. I understand root cause analysis and composite scores. I can recite our hospital’s infection rates, patient satisfaction scores, and average length of stay.

I was clueless about nursing and the healing power of a touch, a word, a smile.

Ten days as a patient in Doylestown Hospital were an education. As I went from sick to sicker to surgery and recovery, fleeting moments with nurses and techs were lessons in the meaning of health “care.”

It was obvious from the start. I was in the ER with abdominal pain. A CT scan was ordered. When the contrast agent returned with the force of a fire hydrant, a nurse and tech consoled me and contained the mess. When I stopped long enough for a deep breath, Annemarie, my nurse, was already wiping the perspiration from my brow. [more]