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Carol Ebert, RN, BSN, MA, CHES, CWP, is a creative force for education and wellness and is a certified wellness practitioner and wellness coach, mindful coaching certification trainer, certified law of attraction facilitator, and certified nutrition advisor. She has been a bedside nurse, school health educator, college health service director, medical center wellness specialist, and mindful coach and trainer. She is now CEO of her own wellness business, She can be emailed at

Rock Your Health: Wellness thoughts for fall

F – Fun should be on the agenda whenever possible. How much fun are you and your colleagues having during the day? If none, how can you incorporate more into the daily routine?

A – Attitude of positivity at all times. Check your attitude every hour and if you need an adjustment, just press an imaginary RESET button and readjust. After all, you can only hold one attitude at a time, whether positive or negative. The choice is yours so choose the best one for yourself and everyone around you.

L – Laugh! It’s healthy for your body, mind, and soul and can be infectious.

L – Lighten up and don’t take everything so seriously. Yes we do serious work but we don’t have to wallow in it. What is one thing you can incorporate in your day to help lighten up the workplace?

Rock Your Health: How nurse leaders deal with change

Nurse leaders know that change is inevitable. If you don’t embrace it and welcome it, or at least accept it, you might find yourself fighting a losing battle.

Awareness is an important first step in the change process. Do a quick personal assessment of your situation, be honest with yourself, and be open to what you discover. Ask yourself:

What is changing for you and your staff?

Why are these changes occurring?

Where do you spend most of your time: fighting the change or managing the change?

What do your feelings tell you about what you are doing?

What support do you need when working through change?

What steps do you need to take to reduce the stress and move forward with the possibilities?

You don’t have to go through this alone. People like me help people like you every day using coaching techniques. If you need support, please contact me for a sample coaching session.

Rock Your Health: Tips for being a great manager

What kind of manager are you? What do others say about you? Here’s a list of qualities that I like in a manager.

M – Meets employees where they are and accepts them.

A – Assesses their attitude daily and keeps a positive attitude.

N – Notices greatness and share with others.

A – Ask questions rather than giving advice.

G – Greets everyone they see with a smile.

E – Engages employees in the decision making process.

R – Recognizes achievements and celebrates regularly.

Rock Your Health: How that killer job might be killing you

Nurse leaders, remember when you landed that great job you have now and it was fantastic? And then at some point, it stopped being fantastic and started turning on you? You may be in a really bad place and now you think your job is starting to kill you! Check out the warning signs:

Complaining more
* Frustrated with the bureaucracy
* Your values don’t match the business anymore

Hearing yourself say these words
* I wish things could be different
* I wish I could do that but work gets in the way [more]

Rock Your Health: Five steps to de-clutter your workspace and life

Clutter got you down? This five-step process will reduce your stress and open up space to allow new energy, ideas, and creativity to flow in. All you have to do is just do it! Enjoy the process and implement it with your nursing staff too.

1. Schedule a quarterly de-cluttering day on your calendar.

2. At the beginning of your de-cluttering day, do the following:
I. Set the intention of finishing the day with a neat clean office filled with open space
II. Commit to staying focused on the task at hand and don’t allow distractions
III. Put on some great music that gets you energized
IV. Put a large waste receptacle in your office to receive all the discarded stuff
V. Put a large box or bag in your office to receive items you will give away or donate [more]

Rock Your Health: A new way to motivate behavior by asking questions

Nurse managers and nurse leaders are in the habit of telling people what to do and expecting them to follow through. How’s that working for you with your staff?

Maybe there is another way. Try this technique that is borrowed from executive coaching practices used in business for personal improvement. It is a powerful communication tool that can transform your approach to health behavior counseling and re-energize your work.

Tell me moreInstead of telling nurses what to do, coaches ask powerful questions designed to challenge thinking and action and to elicit positive behavior change. Coaching will help you guide your nurses toward rapid goal attainment, higher levels of productivity, and to reach their full potential. It also reduces your stress as a nurse manager because the accountability is on the employee, not you. [more]

Rock Your Health: Attracting positivity in the nursing workplace

Nurse managers set the tone for their units but it can be hard to stay positive in today’s negative world. The dangers of living in a state of negativity and stress are many. It can lead to chronic disease, increased production of stress hormones, higher blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and alterations in the immune system.

To build a culture of positivity on your unit, try these simple strategies with your nurses that with practice can flip the switch to turn your nursing unit from negativity to positivity.

Challenge your staff to try this little exercise. [more]

Rock Your Health: Create a summer state of mind using mindful practices

Here are three strategies to help busy nurse leaders find their summer state of mind—and how to stay there!

What is mindfulness? My friend and colleague Billie Frances, who founded coaching program, puts it this way:
Mindfulness is a state of awareness of essential harmony within self, within all relationships and within all circumstances. Mindfulness reveals wholeness, balance, order, peace, justice, right action and relieves disharmony, separation, and suffering.

Doesn’t that sound great? The good news is this state of mind is achievable, doesn’t cost anything and has no side effects. It is something you can use every day to get through the stressors of work.

Here a three quick ways to achieve mindfulness.

1. Relax your mind
If you can relax your body, your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and metabolism all slow down. This leads to feeling more in control and refreshed. The long-term effects of inducing this relaxation response on a regular basis include improvement in concentration, energy level, self-acceptance, and inner peace. The most important long-term effect is that your body becomes less responsive to the stress hormones that are ravaging your body.

Some ways to make this happen for your body are yoga, Tai Chi, prayer, meditation, slow deep breathing, muscular activity, or repetition of a word, sound, thought, or phrase. When you engage in these activities, it quiets your mind and you can really appreciate and be mindful of how your body is feeling. [more]

Rock Your Health: When letting go beats hanging on

How many times in your life have you been unable to let go of something that held you back and made you miserable? Three occasions come to mind for me when it stopped my creative energy from flowing, held me back from new opportunities, unleashed negative energy inside, and caused me to lose focus on being a naturally positive person.

1. I served as a Navy nurse for three years and after discharge couldn’t let go and wanted to get back in. The hold over me was so intense—even though that type of structured military environment did not suit my free spirit—that I still wanted to re-enlist and spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to do that. Had I not let go of those efforts, I might not have found my true path, which shifted me from bedside nursing into wellness, my true passion and a lifetime of rewarding experiences. [more]

Rock Your Health: 8 easy ways to stop a headache

Are you experiencing headaches due to stress? Many nurse leaders find their daily stress load often results in headaches but using drugs to alleviate the pain is not a long-term solution to deal with the root cause. Here are some great tips I use. Try making these regular practice and you may actually prevent headaches from even occurring. It’s all about doing things that feel good and not expecting a quick fix.

H – Hot water, juice of half a lemon, pinch of cayenne pepper: Drink first thing in the morning to stimulate elimination of toxins, aid digestion, and calm the nerves. And stop drinking caffeine-it just keeps you in high gear and the object here is to slow your engine down. I haven’t missed coffee at all!

E – Eat every 2-3 hours to keep blood sugar level and prevent energy spikes and drops. Chew food at least 25 times per bite so when it hits your stomach it can be easily digested, important nutrients can be fully absorbed, and abdominal stress will be eliminated. [more]