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Sample Chapter from Nursing Professional Development: A Practical Guide for Evidence-Based Education

sdms_265x265To continue our Nurses’ Week celebration, we are offering a free chapter from Nursing Professional Development: A Practical Guide for Evidence-Based Education. The chapter will help nurse educators and leaders engage with nurses of all levels of expertise, from new grads to veteran nurses.

To download the chapter, click here.

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Continue reading for a preview of the chapter.

Meeting the Needs of Learners of Various Expertise: From Novice to Expert

In 1984, Patricia Benner, PhD, RN, published the results of a descriptive nursing study that identified five levels of competency in clinical nursing practice (Benner, 1994). Although based on dialogues with nurses, this framework can be applied to almost anyone who works in healthcare. As you plan your programs, think about learner needs based on their experiences in their chosen professions.

Using Benner’s Framework for Program Planning

Brief descriptions of each level of learner identified by Benner are offered as a framework to help you plan your learning activities. Following the descriptions, you’ll find suggested teaching tips for that level.

Level I: Novice

The novice is a beginner in his or her chosen profession. Novices have no experience as professionals in their work-related environments. They need objective, concrete learning situations and rely on rules and guidelines to function. Although they possess the intellectual knowledge of academic training, they need opportunities to apply their knowledge as skills in the actual work setting. They also need a supportive environment with mentors who are eager to help colleagues enter the healthcare setting.

The term “novice” is often used to describe students. However, for the purpose of this chapter, “novice” refers to the newly licensed nurse who is being oriented to his or her first licensed nursing job. Novices have successfully completed their academic training (including supervised clinical experiences) but have no experience as licensed nurses.

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