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Rock Your Health: Respecting your inner voice

Your internal voice—the voice of your truth—may be giving you messages and needs to be heard. Access this important information by taking time to slow down, quiet your mind, get comfortable with stillness, and find a way to meditate that is right for you. Turn off the world’s input for a while and just “be”.

How can you practice quieting your mind? Consider methods such as meditation, prayer, gentle movement, or walking in solitude.

Become aware of what happens to you when you have quieted yourself. Do a quick body scan from head to toe.

What messages do you receive? Write those messages in a journal and create an action plan from each message you receive.

Want support with this process? Contact me for a sample coaching session.

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Carol Ebert About the Author: Carol Ebert, RN, BSN, MA, CHES, CWP, is a creative force for education and wellness and is a certified wellness practitioner and wellness coach, mindful coaching certification trainer, certified law of attraction facilitator, and certified nutrition advisor. She has been a bedside nurse, school health educator, college health service director, medical center wellness specialist, and mindful coach and trainer. She is now CEO of her own wellness business, She can be emailed at

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