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Rock Your Health: Take a meditative journey into your future

What if you were free to create your own job? What would that look like?

Here’s a technique I use when I want to create something new, but don’t know where to begin. Look to the future for your answers. It’s called the Future Self experience. Here goes. Feel free to use this script with your team as well.

Get a notepad and a pen, find a quiet place without interruption, get comfy, close your eyes, and focus on breathing slowly for a few seconds until you feel yourself slowing down.

Picture in your mind a beautiful relaxing scene that feels good when you think about it and let your whole body and mind get into it so you really feel it happening. Enjoy it for a little while.

Now imagine that you see someone in the distance so you walk up to that person and realize it is you in five years from now. Say hello and ask your future self “What is your life like now?”

Listen closely to the answers you get.

After you have finished listening, thank your future self, and walk back to where you were when you arrived in this scene.

Now refocus your imagination on the present time and where you are right now, take a few more slow deep breaths, wiggle around a bit to feel grounded in your chair, and slowly open your eyes and readjust to the light in the room.

Now write down everything your future self told you. You will now have a glimpse of what your future might have in store for you.

What do you think about this process? Any surprises? Any ideas to help you carve out the future that is a perfect fit for you? How can you share this process with your team to help them create new ideas that could change their work for the better?

Email me with feedback on what happened: carol@carolebert.com

Be well on your journey into the future!

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Carol Ebert About the Author: Carol Ebert, RN, BSN, MA, CHES, CWP, is a creative force for education and wellness and is a certified wellness practitioner and wellness coach, mindful coaching certification trainer, certified law of attraction facilitator, and certified nutrition advisor. She has been a bedside nurse, school health educator, college health service director, medical center wellness specialist, and mindful coach and trainer. She is now CEO of her own wellness business, www.carolebert.com. She can be emailed at carol@carolebert.com.

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