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Happy Nurses Week: A thank you to our favorite nurses

Is there any doubt that nurses heal the spirit, as well as HappyNursesWeekthe body?

The stories in The Boston Globe annual “Patients Salute Their Nurses” piece offer an inspiring and humbling testament to all the nursing profession can be.

In 400 thank-you letters from grateful patients, family members, and colleagues, Boston’s nurses received personal acknowledgment and messages of love inspired by their deep commitment to the profession and their patients.

Here are snippets from some of my favorite letters:

Diane goes above and beyond, treating me with dignity and respect, even calling me weekly to check on my weight and well-being. Like a friendly drill sergeant, she reminds me to keep my weight down and to pay attention to what I eat.

Joe provided intense, meticulous, and sensitive care not only to Mike, but also to his extended family. Joe’s quiet and steady presence gave us hope and strength when we needed it most. Mike did not make it through the night, but the blow of his passing was softened by the gift of time that Joe made possible.

On another occasion, my son was not breathing sufficiently and the doctors wanted to change ventilators. Carolyn spoke up and asked them to cut back on his sedation and let him breath on his own because the machine was doing it all. It worked. 

All nurses face challenges in their chosen fields. All nurses do work that many of us shy away from. Claire is a nurse who can make these tasks seem easy, routine, and even rewarding.

During our stay, Pam would pop in to check on “her little buddy.” Not only did she immediately create an atmosphere of trust, but she checked in even after her official job was done.

Evan’s competence, communication, care, and advocacy were my primary impetus for attending nursing school. I hope to one day be as good of a nurse as he is and to positively impact the lives of my patients and my colleagues.

She continuously goes out of her way for her colleagues, always keeping in mind what is best for the patients and their families. Erin emulates the true meaning of patience. Because she is such an outstanding nurse, everyone in this department relies on her in many ways.

Celebrate Nurses Week by reading all the letters in “Patients Salute Their Nurses.” And don’t forget your tissues.

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