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Rock Your Health: With Carol Ebert, RN, wellness specialist

Hello! I will be writing a weekly blog for YOU, the professional nurse leader in the second half of your career, anticipating what’s next and wanting to embrace a wellness lifestyle. I’m the perfect partner for you as you embark on this journey since I am already in the Boomer Retirement Zone myself. So let’s get acquainted!

I am not a nurse in the traditional sense—a patient care expert—though I did do that some. I am a nurse in the global sense, caring about the total health of the human condition: mind, body and spirit. Luckily, my nursing path led me to wellness, my true passion, where I spent the majority of my career. Even within my passion, however, I still found a need to reinvent myself regularly.

Why this desire to change? Born with a creative brain, I am often plagued with frustration when working in a structured and predictable environment. I can do it if I have to, but it is not my true nature, which I discovered once I reached adulthood when I could fully express who I was.

And so my life adventures began. Listening to my inner voice saying do something different with my life, I became a Vietnam-era Navy nurse, then a public school nurse and classroom health teacher, pursued an advanced degree in Health Education, and then became a College Health Service Director, which solidified my passion for wellness and my desire to help others get healthy and stay healthy. I then re-entered the old familiar world of the healthcare system but with high expectations of bringing the wellness message forward in the world of “fixing” not preventing, and with my usual positive and persistent nature, I succeeded. Though I will admit the nurses I worked with were a tough sell when it came to wellness. What is it in us that always seems to put others first rather than ourselves?

I loved my work but once again my inner voice was shouting: you need to make a change! And this was the big one. I had done enough, experienced enough, matured enough, proven myself enough, been successful enough. The real test was to survive and flourish on my own, free of the hypnotic tug of financial security and benefits. My “can do” attitude took it on as a challenge and I created my own wellness business.

Now I am free from constraints, I am continually reshaping and designing my own grand plan for my life’s work. And it revolves around YOU—the nurse. I want to give back and help my “tribe” get on and stay on the wellness path to live a long and prosperous life while continuing your work, and even beyond into retirement. Yes, there is another life to live in retirement and I can help you craft your own plan as well. It is my gift to you to share what I know and be of service to you with whatever your needs might be.

So stay tuned, check back often, and together we can support each other on this magnificent journey called LIFE!

Be well on your wellness journey.

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Carol Ebert About the Author: Carol Ebert, RN, BSN, MA, CHES, CWP, is a creative force for education and wellness and is a certified wellness practitioner and wellness coach, mindful coaching certification trainer, certified law of attraction facilitator, and certified nutrition advisor. She has been a bedside nurse, school health educator, college health service director, medical center wellness specialist, and mindful coach and trainer. She is now CEO of her own wellness business, www.carolebert.com. She can be emailed at carol@carolebert.com.

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  1. It’s inspiring to hear how you’ve re-invented yourself and it stems from your creativity. I can really relate- I’ve been in nursing all my adult life and love it, but there’s more creative work I need to do.
    I’ve started writing professionally, blogging, and creating educational content. I’m learning graphic design and working as a Subject Matter Expert.

    It’s an adventure! i hope you will post more about your business became successful.

  2. Awesome, very exciting to read this, about wellness and continued wellness leading into retirement years. Looking forward to more from Carol. Thanks!

  3. Carol Ebert

    You are a powerful blogger and really drew me in. Your writing skills + your creative flair lends itself to writing and illustrating a great book. I hope you pursue this! Carol

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