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HCPro prepares to celebrate Nurses Week

As preparations ramp up for this year’s Nurses Week, it’s not too late to purchase gifts for your nurses! Consider showing your appreciation for your nurses by giving them some cutting-edge resources devoted to professional development.

The Preceptor Program Builder

The Preceptor Program Builder provides professional development staff the keys to creating successful preceptor programs in the healthcare environment.

The book provides a core design for developing preceptors that can be applied to any program and discipline where preceptors orient or transition new employees, students, or persons transitioning into a new role or position. This work invites all groups, disciplines, and professions to create a framework built on practical tools, definitions, principles, and concepts for training preceptors and building formal preceptorships.

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Effective Preceptor Handbook for Nurses (10 Pack)

The Effective Preceptor Handbook for Nurses provides new preceptors with the evidence-based skills they need to build supportive one-on-one teaching and learning relationships with new nurses.

Nurse preceptors in training will learn how to access adult learning styles, validate competencies, develop critical feedback and evaluation skills, and gain confidence to successfully onboard and launch their preceptees. Preceptors will also be introduced to the idea of portfolio-building as a way to prepare for certification.

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The Essential Preceptee Handbook (10 Pack)

The Essential Preceptee Handbook provides new members of staff with the guidance and support they need to build supportive one-on-one relationships with their preceptors and helps them acclimate to the work environment and culture.

In this invaluable and compact handbook, preceptees will evaluate how they learn and how to improve critical thinking, gain confidence in receiving and giving feedback, and develop the skills they need to successfully transition to service. This handbook is an essential part of any onboarding experience for new employees.

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Discounts are available for bulk purchases. Contact customer service at 800-650-6787 for more information.

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Rebecca Hendren About the Author: Rebecca Hendren is product manager for the nursing group at HCPro, where she oversees new product development focused on training and education resources for nurse managers and nursing professional development specialists. Contact Rebecca at rhendren@hcpro.com.

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