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Nursing uniforms: What do nurses think?

We recently posted about designated scrub colors to distinguish the various roles of hospital workers. The topic seems to have both supporters and opponents, with nurses falling on either side of the issue. HCPro’s OSHA Healthcare Advisor website featured the issue of color-coded uniforms as part of its weekly poll, and also polled readers about uniform colors.

As of press time, 464 people have participated in the OSHA poll, with 313 (67%) of respondents indicating that they believe nurses should be required to wear prescribed colors, and the remaining 151 (33%) of participants responding with the opposite opinion. The question has gained more than double the average response for OSHA’s weekly polls.

In the poll, readers were asked whether their organization requires nurses or other workers to wear prescribed colors or uniforms.  Poll participants could indicate whether or not they wore required uniforms and whether or not they agreed with the uniform requirements. Of the respondents, 60% have a uniform policy at their facility, while the remaining 40% do not. Opinions on whether or not facilities should determine the colors worn by staff members were again divided, with 59% of respondents agreeing to uniform colors and 41% disagreeing with required uniforms or scrub colors.

Although both polls indicate that a majority of those surveyed are in favor of uniforms, the number of those who oppose uniforms is significant. It may be helpful for policy-makers and staff leaders to poll their staff and determine whether a uniform policy would be accepted by the majority of the hospital’s employees or whether it would be met with opposition. Staff leaders can also explain the benefits of color-coded scrubs to staff members, and discuss the reasons for considering a required uniform.

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