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Involving patients to improve quality

Patient satisfaction is often emphasized as an overall indicator of healthcare quality, and some hospitals are taking an extra step to ensure the best possible experience for their patients. Fourteen U.S. hospitals have partnered with the organization Planetree, which recognizes and designates hospitals that meet criteria such as flexible visitation for patients’ families, patient education, healing environments, meaningful programs, and healthy, nutritious dining options. To attain Planetree designation, hospitals must pledge to put patients first and provide truly patient-centered care.

A poll conducted earlier this year by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health found that poor communication was a common complaint among people surveyed. Proponents of Planetree note that switching to a patient-centered model often results in improved communication not only between patients and staff, but also between physicians and nurses. One of the most important aspects of Planetree organizations is the involvement of patients and their families in their care.

Has your organization made an effort toward providing patient-centered care? What initiatives or programs, if any, have you put in place to involve patients in their treatment? Leave a comment below!

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