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Technology and healthcare: nurses’ use of mobile devices

New technology has been steadily working its way into all aspects of daily life, and healthcare is no exception. More organizations are adopting electronic medical record systems and incorporating tablet computers into those systems. Individuals are also bringing technology into their work day, which can have positive and negative effects. Last week we posted about a nursing app that allows nurses to quickly access relevant information, a seemingly useful tool, but there have also been stories of technology distracting physicians and nurses from performing their jobs effectively and safely.

A recent poll on StrategiesforNurseManagers.com asked nurse leaders to weigh in on how often nurses use smartphones and tablet computers to perform their duties. The responses were split almost evenly between nurses who use these technologies on a daily basis (46%) and nurses who never use these technologies for work purposes (44%). Other respondents answered that nurses on their units used technology weekly (6%) or monthly (3%).

How does your organization compare? Do nurses on your unit use smartphones and tablets as part of their jobs? Does your organization have a policy in place to address the growing use of mobile devices in the healthcare setting? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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About the Author: Katrina Gravel is an editor for the Education division of HCPro.

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