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Nurse donates kidney to patient

Medical News Today reports that Allison Batson, a nurse at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, donated one of her kidneys to a patient in need.  Clay Taber was diagnosed with Goodpasture’s syndrome, a disorder that causes a patient’s immune system to attack the lungs and kidneys, and was suffering complete kidney failure. Taber was admitted to the transplant unit at Emory University Hospital and told that it could take up to five years to find a suitable donor organ.

Batson learned of Taber’s diagnosis and discovered that none of his relatives, including his mother, qualified as kidney donors. Batson said she felt a connection with Taber and ultimately came forward as an organ donor, despite only knowing Taber for a few weeks.

When asked why she chose to put herself at risk for a stranger, she responded “because I can … here was this young man in front of me who needs help—today, and I am in a position to help him—today.” Taber has commented that he will reserve a special dance for Batson at his wedding.

Source: Medical News Today

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