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What’s the best way to welcome new graduate nurses to the unit?

This week on StrategiesForNurseManagers.com, we asked what’s the best way to welcome new graduate nurses to your unit?

Fifty-two percent of respondents say the best way to welcome new graduate nurses is for them to have lunch with their new colleagues. This gives new nurses a chance to get to know their colleagues in a more personal way and helps them start to feel part of the team.

Twenty-nine percent said they like to hold a staff meeting and introduce everyone by name, 10% like to take new graduates off the unit for a one-on-one lunch with their manager, and 10% post information on the unit’s bulletin boards about the new staff nurse’s likes and dislikes, family, and other personal tidbits so everyone can get to know him or her.

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Rebecca Hendren About the Author: Rebecca Hendren is product manager for the nursing group at HCPro, where she oversees new product development focused on training and education resources for nurse managers and nursing professional development specialists. Contact Rebecca at rhendren@hcpro.com.

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