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Who’s making the most money?

According to the recently released 2008 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses, a nurse’s salary is most highly correlated with his or her level of education. Typically, nurses in an advanced practice specialty or higher-level management position are the ones with the highest earnings.

Survey results show the top 10 nursing salaries as follows:

1.      Nurse anesthetist: $154,221
2.      Management/administration: senior management: $96,735
3.      Nurse practitioner: $85,025
4.      Nurse midwife: $82,111
5.      Management/administration: $78,356
6.      Consultant: $76,473
7.      Informatics nurse: $75,242
8.      Management/administration: middle management: $74,799
9.      Clinical nurse specialist: $72,856
10.   Management/administration: first-line management: $72,006

Health economists say it’s no surprise that nurse anesthetists are at the top of the list, since their education is extremely specialized, their liability risk is high, and they provide a type of care that generates high compensation for physicians who also provide it.

The survey results also showed that nurses with graduate degrees usually have higher salaries. According to the survey, the average registered staff nurse made $61,706 in 2008, while nurses with an associate degree made $59,310, and nurses with a master’s or doctorate degree made an average of $69,616.

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  1. After reading this post I am convinced that I had better learn to negotiate my future salaries much better. If these numbers are right then I did not do a good job. After I got my BSN degree, and started down the path towards administration my income took some time to catch up with what my expectations had been. Perhaps I should consider a MSN.

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