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Preserve the Image of Nursing: New TV series jeopardizes nursing image

For years, nurses have been battling how the nursing profession and nurses are portrayed in the media. Having to go against the nursing stereotypes on display in programs such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “House, M.D.” makes the job that much harder, as patients and families are familiar with the popular television shows.

Now, nurses will have to add another television show to the list that puts their image in jeopardy. MysticArt Pictures has issued a casting call for the new “sexy docu-series” called “Cali Nurse.” According to the casting call, the show is looking for “gorgeous” young females (ages 21-30 only) who will experience “comedy, romance, and fun” and are all about “big hearts” and “dates with McDreamy.”

Now, I must admit I’m an avid watcher of “Grey’s Anatomy” and would love a “date with McDreamy.” But if I were a nurse, I would be very aggravated with MysticArt Pictures!

Television needs more shows like “BostonMed” (airs Thursday nights at 10 PM EST on ABC). I’ve watched the docu-drama and must say this is a great portrayal of what happens at hospitals, at least from a civilian’s standpoint. The show takes place at three Boston hospitals, following a wide variety of surgeons, nurses, and residents. It’s real life and the show does a great job balancing between the patient’s side of the story and the hospital staff’s side of the story.

Visit this link to send a letter straight to the executives of Cali Nurse about the show’s casting call.

Will you take the time to submit this letter? What are other options for casting this new series? How do you think this will affect the nursing image in the media?

Source: The Truth About Nursing

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