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Concluding charge nurse education and training

The first section of the workshop presentation summarizes the charge nurse role. The role encompasses many functions, along with having responsibilities, accountability, and authority.

Advising the charge nurse with proper education, training, backing from leadership, and a tangible job description will allow them to function and produce positive results.

It is the skills the charge nurses possess:

* Technical proficiency

* Knowing other staff and looking out for their welfare

* Keeping staff informed

* Ensuring the tasks are understood, supervised, and accomplished

* Making sound and timely decisions

* Developing a sense of responsibility in the staff members and peers

* Setting an example

Leading the team will assist them in the success of their role as a charge nurse, as “leaders do not command excellence, they build excellence” (Connelley, 2003.) To complete the charge nurse role and RAA section the charge nurses see a video created by the education team. The video includes a charge nurse, patient, inexperienced nurse, and an experienced, overworked nurse.

To learn more on how to wrap up a charge nurse workshop, click here.

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  1. My question is in reference to the charge nurse education video. It sounds very intersting and something I would like to pursue for my staff but is this training video for all types of charge RN’s? Is the video designed for charge RN’s who do not take a team of patients? All my charge RN’s take on a full team daily and my concern is this video will address charge RN’s that function without a team of patients. I would appreciate a response as I am interested in this area of education.

    Thank You,
    Jeff Lee

  2. HI Jeff,

    Most recently we’ve pulled the charge nurse out od the staffing mix however it doesn’t always work. the charge nurse role is a very difficult one. W do provide educationalsessions twice a year for them and try to have meetings just for them to share ideas.

  3. I am presenting a talk on staffing and scheduling role of the charge nurse when on duty, do you have any reference or info regqrding this?

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