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2010 could be the international year of the nurse

2010 marks the 100th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s death, and Holly Shaw, RN, PhD, assistant professor at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, and her students are committed to making 2010 the international year of the nurse. Shaw and her students recently attended the Human Rights Day 2009 at the United Nations (UN) where they first heard about the idea.

The idea originated from three places: Sigma Theta Tau International, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health, and the Florence Nightingale Museum in London. The aim to have 2010 designated as the year of the nurse is to both recognize nurses around the world and to help promote the UN’s eight millennium development goals.

The UN created the eight millennium development goals in 2000, hoping that by 2015 more people will be aware of issues surrounding health, poverty, education, gender, and the environment.

Do you think 2010 should be designated as the international year of the nurse? What are other ways nurses can become more involved with helping the UN?

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Sarah Kearns About the Author: Sarah is an Editorial Assistant in the patient safety group at HCPro, Inc. She contributes to two monthly newsletters; Briefings on the Joint Commission and Briefings on Patient Safety, and manages four e-zines; Accreditation Connection, AHAP Staff Challenge, Nurse Manager Weekly, and Healthcare Training Weekly. She also helps research new products for the patient safety and nursing market. She graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2008 where she earned her bachelor's degree in English.

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  1. It’s always nice to honor others. But, why commemorate her death?

    Year of the Nurse?:
    Many of us….experiened RNs…..are out of work and hospitals are no longer hiring FT. Most of us are networking, bonding, as we help out ECFs and temp agencies in order to make a living and continue to help. 2009 has been the WORST year of my 30 year career, and not much hope for 2010, as the two major hospital systems in our area plan to continue their “unnofficial” hiring freezes well into the Summer. There are plans to hire the rare critical care nurse, as well as new grads in the Spring. And, all those that do have FT hospital jobs in this area, are being worked to the point of frenzy by management that knows nobody else is hiring. Many, recently, have chosen…..with their husbands’ blessings….to retire from Nursing altogether….their only escape.

    This is how the Ft. Wayne, IN, region is planning for the upcoming Nursing shortage. Many of us discarded….or abused……experienced Baby Boomers are not feelin’ the love, so to speak. Year of the Nurse? That would be a joke for us…………sorry for the negativity, but these have been unexpectedly very rough times with a lot of bitterness when hospitals choose to discard very experienced and loyal nurses in order to save money, as opposed to admitting they are actually laying off help.

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