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Will new television series Mercy shine a different light on nursing image?

As this summer’s new nursing series: Nurse Jackie and HawthoRNe have reached their season’s end, it’s time for a new fall series to pick up; Mercy.

Mercy debuts tonight on NBC at 8pm EST and hopes to change the way nurses are portrayed on television. What makes this series different than Nurse Jackie and HawthoRNe, is that writers for Mercy have been using an RN consultant when it comes to developing story ideas and script reviews for the series.

The series will follow three nurses: Nurse Veronica Callahan who has just returned from a tour in Iraq, Sonia Jimenez who turns the heads of everyone in the hospital, and Chloe Payne the newcomer who learns to deal with the difficulties of working in the nursing profession. Viewers will watch as these characters deal with the daily traumas and dramas both in and out of the hospital.

Will you be watching the new series? Do you think having an RN consultant will help help the nursing image? Let us know what you think before the series premiere!

To learn more about Mercy and view tonight’s trailer, click here.

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  1. Although the show’s employing a nurse consultant may sound promising, the fact still remains that the program has been created to make a profit…….the only thing, I fear, the show will actually have in common with real hospitals.

    Would anyone really want to watch a series that realistically….and, I do mean realistically…portrays nursing? WE may love it, but I do not believe the general public would find it glamorous…or interesting.

    Therefore…even with the consultant….it is easy to presume that the show shall not be that realistic, if they are to obtain their goal of attracting and retaining viewers. Hopefully, this series will at least portray a less negative image than other recent offerings from the networks.

  2. I watched the first show and am shaking my head. Maybe it’s just my hospital, but we rarely don strapless gowns while still in the hospital at the end of our ED shifts.

    And there’s alot more sex going on than on my unit.
    It’s one dimensional- crotchety patient, nurse bucking administration,doctor with overly large ego.


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