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Mercy: An in or out for nurses and their image?

Last night was the season premiere of NBC’s new nursing series; Mercy and we want to know what you thought.

Many nurses hoped this show would be different from Showtimes’ Nurse Jackie and TNT’s HawthoRNe. But as I read more and more comments on NBC’s Web site from viewers who watched last night’s premiere, it seems that this show is off to a rough start.

Even though NBC has the help of an RN consultant when it comes to story ideas and writing the script, many of the viewers are still upset with how nurse characters are portrayed in this new series.

Do you think there is hope for the rest of the season? Will you tune in next week to see what will happen? Do you believe there is any truth to the nurse characters and story lines?

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Sarah Kearns About the Author: Sarah is an Editorial Assistant in the patient safety group at HCPro, Inc. She contributes to two monthly newsletters; Briefings on the Joint Commission and Briefings on Patient Safety, and manages four e-zines; Accreditation Connection, AHAP Staff Challenge, Nurse Manager Weekly, and Healthcare Training Weekly. She also helps research new products for the patient safety and nursing market. She graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2008 where she earned her bachelor's degree in English.

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  1. Mercy was not what I was looking for. There were a few good momements but on the whole, not what I wanted to see. I may give it a second shot this week, but it will take a lot to keep it on my TIVO each week!

  2. Again another show showing nurses with substance issues and unable to control their hormones. Can we show their true professionalism, compassion and intelligence that most nurses have? This maybe another show that goes by the way side for me.

  3. Just what we RNs needed, another portrayal of a nurse who thinks she knows more than all the doctors. This show is a miss.

  4. I watched two episodes of Nurse Jackie and was appalled at a drug taking, “mess” with the pharmacist at lunch, portrayal. Hawthorne is better, tho unrealistic that an administrative nurse has that kind of time with patients, and Mercy is a big miss. Public surveys consistently rank nurse’s highest in “trust. Shows like these could cost us that trust!

  5. Ask a real nurse if that is how a day goes. And what are we betraying to the popluation when there is such a shortage of nurses. I think it also instills to the population that nurses are not professional and as nurses our repect and honor is now being taken away with all thesse new nurses’ shows.

  6. I thought that the professional struggles highlighted were realistic. She was certainly an advocate for her patients. I hope that some seasoned nurses were disconcerted by the way the new grad was treated; again, pretty realistic (unfortunately). What I didn’t appreciate were the scenes for off duty activities. Not every nurse goes to the bar after work every day nor are all of us promiscuous. I will probably watch it again (if I’m awake) to see how it develops but if the story line doesn’t deviate much I don’t see much hope.

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