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Strategize Now To Minimize Economic Effects

Greg Smith is a motivational and leadership speaker, and a management consultant. Greg is CEO of Chart Your Course International in Atlanta. He has published several books and articles about employee engagement and retention.

I was reading a blog by Greg regarding the current state of the economy and how surprising it is that some leaders simply hope things will turn around instead of strategizing ways to minimize or eliminate the effect the economy can have on employee retention. Here are 6 things to consider:

1. Assess your talent.
What can be done to improve staff’s skills your department needs in the current economy?

2. Work on employee engagement.
Do you have a way to capture your staff’s ideas and suggestions?

3. Build closer relationships with customers.
Do you know what your patients & families really want from your department?

4. Evaluate your department’s culture.
Is it focused on agility & flexibility? Is the vision statement relevant to your staff?

5. Build trust among staff.
What can you do to improve communication? Does your staff trust upper management?

6. Retain your superstars.
Do you have established retention plans for the people you know you need to keep?

Based on Have You Lost Your Way? Six things You Need To Do Now. Smith, G. (2009)

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