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Ten lucky nurses win best-selling book from HCPro

As part of our Nurses Week celebration, HCPro, Inc. included a quiz about Florence Nightingale in its nursing e-newsletters. We asked you to send us the answers. The reward for a perfect score? A chance to win a copy of the best-selling Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility: Why Nurses Eat Their Young And Each Other.

We received hundreds of entries and were tasked with choosing 10 winners. Here are the lucky nurses who, along with gaining some new insight on healthy work environments, may want to think about playing the lottery this week:
1. Cathy Gray, a nurse manager from Utah
2. Mary Frances Smith, an RN from New York
3. Mary Beth Prendergast, an ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®* coordinator from Florida
4. Robyn Setter, an education specialist from Kansas
5. Susan Gough, an education coordinator from Ohio
6. Marta Lawson, a nurse from Kansas
7. Gloria Estrella, an inservice coordinator from Hawaii
8. Tess Simons, a nurse from Alabama
9. Marci Walker, an education specialist from Kansas
10. Debbie Clay, an education specialist from Arkansas

For those that are curious, here are the answers:
1. In what year was Florence Nightingale born? 1820
2. By what nickname is Florence Nightingale often known? The Lady With the Lamp
3. During which war did Florence Nightingale learn about the importance of hygiene in controlling infections? Crimean War
4. What is the name of the book Florence Nightingale wrote about nursing? (Hint: It was published in 1859 and is still in print today.)  Notes on Nursing
5. In what city did Florence Nightingale establish her training school for nurses?  London, England

Thanks to everyone for participating. Because of the fantastic response, we’ll be putting together more fun contests in the future. Stay tuned!

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Michael Briddon About the Author: Mike is the executive editor of the nursing, accreditation, and patient safety markets at HCPro, Inc. He's a former sportswriter and a passionate Syracuse basketball fan.

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