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Join an online journal club

Starting a journal club is a great way to read articles that will help update practice. Journal clubs consist of groups of nurses who meet regularly to discuss and critique research articles appearing in scientific journals. Creating one is a good way to get started in evidence-based nursing practice.

An alternative to forming a journal club at your facility is to join an online club that is already established. Some nursing associations and nursing journals offer journal clubs in which a journal article—whether published in that journal or not—is critiqued.

Here are two places you can go to join an online journal clubs:

The American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC) features a club called Evidence-Based Review (formerly called the Journal Club). Here you can access the online article, print out a paper copy of the article, respond to the article, read others’ responses, or e-mail the article to a colleague. Learn more about AJCC’s Evidence-Based Review.

The Oncology Nursing Forum selects a clinically relevant article and provides specific ideas to facilitate journal club discussion. These questions can be used in a group or alone as a way to keep up to date on current issues. Access the forum online.

What are your thoughts on online journal clubs?

Source: Post adapted from Quick-E Pro Evidence-Based Practice: A Guide for Nurses, an HCPro, Inc., publication.

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  1. We would like to kick off a journal club here at our small rural facility; however we do not have the resources to hold extra meetings for a group to convene and although the two ideas above are great, we do not have a high population of either ICU patients or oncology patients. Does anyone have ideas for a starting a journal club for novice nurses in the med/surg arena?

  2. You bring up a very good point. I just googled ‘online journal clubs medical surgical nursing” and did have find any. But let me ask around and get back with you. I believe if there isn’t one we might want to approach a nursing journal to start one. What do you think about that idea?

  3. The North Dakota Nurses Association has an online journal club that uses the entire evidence based practice process. Questions are in PICO format, in a blog and there is a chat room where groups can “write talk” for meetings.
    Completed CATs are in the document library.
    Check us our at

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