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Help your nurses assess how they spend their time

The first step to mastering time management is to assess how you spend your time. One way to do this is to use a time management tracking tool.

Thanks to our recently published book, Quick-E! Pro Time Management: A Guide for Nurses, we have a template you can pass along to your staff. Check it out here. During the course of several shifts, ask them to note how they spend their time. Once they have collected the data, have them look for patterns. For example:

  • Are they routinely skipping breaks?
  • Do they spend more time looking for supplies than conducting patient assessments?
  • Are they spending a disproportionate amount of time on one activity versus another?

After they give the tool a try, let us know what discoveries they make.

Nurses Week countdown: Save 25% on nursing products

Are you searching for the ideal gift to show your gratitude to a fellow nurse? Is it time to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve been doing? Whether it’s a resource to help save time or to expand knowledge—and whether it’s for you or a colleague—we’re going to make it easier on your wallet. [more]

Improving the professional image of nursing

As HCPro continues its countdown to Nurses’ Week, our focus moves to improving the image of nursing. Bedside caregivers are at the forefront of healthcare every day as they care for patients and families and interact with physicians and peers. So isn’t it time to set high standards and improve the image of nursing?

During your Nurses’ Week preparation, put celebrating the profession on your list of activities and empower your nurses to take control of their image. [more]

Start celebrating Nurses’ Week with a free communication tool

Nurses’ Week doesn’t start officially until May 6, but HCPro, Inc. is starting the celebration early! A nurse manager’s job is far from easy, and we’d like to show our appreciation for all that you do with some free tips and tools you can share with your staff, product discounts, and book giveaways.


Patient safety: What is your definition?

What is patient safety? Is it a philosophy, a metric, a program? Similar to accountability and just culture, many healthcare organizations are struggling to translate these commonly used buzz words and popular patient safety initiatives into behaviors and beliefs that are important and therefore practiced at the bedside.

Patient safety means something to all levels of the organization that I believe should start at the bedside and work its way up. Patient safety is the beliefs, behaviors, norms, and environment where patient care can be provided error free, and where safety is placed ahead of all other priorities. [more]