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Survey staff to shape up the nursing image

All nurse managers desire to work in facilities which demonstrate a positive, professional image of nursing. But many barriers exist—often differing within each facility—to cultivating such an environment.

However, nurse managers can work to improve the nursing image by reviewing staff perspectives on the unit’s nursing image. Performing some inventory will allow you and your staff to identify any problem areas and discuss how to resolve them. Consider sending out a survey asking your nurses to rate the image of their peers on a scale from 1-10. [more]

Three goals for instituting a shared decision-making model

The fundamental belief behind shared governance is that nurses at every level should govern their practice and be included in all decisions that affect their practice. This belief requires a redistribution of influence among managers and staff from one in which all decisions are made by administrators from the “top down” to one in which decisions are agreed upon collaboratively from the “bottom up.”

A shared decision-making model’s success is dependent on active involvement of nurses at all levels from the bedside to nursing leadership and must be supported at all levels.

The three main goals for instituting a shared decision-making model are:


Educate and build excitement for the journey to nursing excellence

The ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® (MRP) project director takes on many roles. They attend shared governance meetings, track quality improvement and research projects, gather a team to collect evidence and write narratives for the written documentation, and much more.

But more importantly, a project director needs to educate staff members and build excitement for designation. [more]