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Promoting evidence-based nursing practice

by Deanna Miller, RN, MSN/Ed, HCE

Recently I discovered that some of my nursing staff had decided that they would no longer utilize filter tubing with central lines. Because the facility policy did not state “to use” or “not to use,” I could not refer them to policy as a directive or a guideline. There were other staff nurses that were fit to be tied because of the non-use. The debate began. My final words were these: “Bring me the evidence that states “to use” or “not to use” and we will make the determination together.

I am a huge proponent of autonomy but weeks went by without any evidence being provided to me. This had to be settled once and for all. I finally contacted an acquaintance from the Nursing Infusion Society who was able to give me the information and the “Evidence” that I needed. I then provided the information to my staff nurses. They were astonished that this type of information could actually be found so easily and it triggered their curiosity. My plan is to challenge them weekly with a question to be answered with “Evidence.” If you can give me the evidence, we can change the practice …

How do you get your staff involved in EBP? Share your ideas.

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About the Author: This post was compiled by members of the Strategies for Nurse Managers staff.

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  1. We are a Magnet hospital and for the past several years EBP
    is part of our annual evaluation competency requirements.
    Each year we are given EBP assignments which require research
    and writing competencies.

  2. I am in charge of 2 small units – ER/ 6 beds and ICU/ 4 beds. I
    have a staff of about 20 RN’s. I have tried to motivate them, but I
    constantly hear about how busy their lives are outside of work. Add
    to that, we have been short staffed for most of the last 18 months
    with overtime and the last thing my staff wants to do is spend extra
    time researching something. Any suggestions? I would try having
    them work in teams but most of them don’t get along, they live
    very far apart (45 minutes) and most do not have internet at home.

  3. Hi Amy, it can be very difficult to get a group of tired and not so nice nurses involved in any project. What you need to do is find a commonality that interests them. Most of the time it will be a triggered topic that either frustrates them because they have to do it or something that they really do not have any knowledge about. Pair them up in teams and start with just a couple of teams. Give them a topic to research and bring back the information to the group in the form of a mini in-service. Either pay them education time or additional straight time. Don’t expect them to do this during their normal work hours. Make it fun and offer a reward such as a meal pass or gas card. I have used this tactic and it caught on like wildfire…..they love to learn from each other now.

  4. Hi Deanna,
    Your example for evidence based practice happens to be very
    similar to a situation we are struggling with—-“Should we remove
    or maintain filter tubing with Central Lines”? Despite consulting
    the Infusion Nurse Society text and perusing their web site and
    standards the answer to that question was not found. What did
    your facility do regarding filter tubing?

  5. Hello everyone: Great blog. I teach RN to BSN students EBP and wondered if I could use this blog for them to read and post comments. It would be a great learning experience. Thanks

  6. Hi
    Recently I found out that surgeons made a decision that 100.4F is the parameter to inform the provider for intervention for high fever. When I questioned they don’t have any evidence to support and clarify the decision. They just made a blanket order with out any standard . Nursing doesn’t have a policy for the recomendation also. Do you have any suggestion for their decision ? Do we have to accept their decsion with out any evdence. I appreciate your help.
    Aley Eapen

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