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Take a survey on the image of nursing

What is your perception of the nursing profession? How would you compare this image to the image five years ago? How about 10 years ago? Have we made any strides? If not, why?

The nurse leader is in a pivotal position that affects the image of nursing. Nurses need to mentor staff, motivating them to advocate for a true representation of nursing. These nurses should be taught the skills to mimic this in their own work environment.

In preparation for an upcoming book on the image of nursing, Shelley Cohen, RN, BS, CEN, is referencing a web link below that will direct you to a quick survey consisting of related questions. Forward it to other managers and staff so they, too, can respond with feedback on the issue. We will report on the results on the blog when they become available.

In the interim, between now and when the book publishes at the end of this year, here are some tips on how you as the manager can influence the image of the nurse:

  • Share results of the survey with your staff and work as a team to develop a specific unit plan to improve the image of your nursing staff
  • Discuss information about the Center for Nursing Advocacy with staff and encourage them to write letters and emails when they see media misrepresenting the nursing profession
  • Get involved in community projects, such as BP screenings, health fairs, and speaking at schools
  • Identify unacceptable behaviors and hold staff accountable for them
  • Dress in a professional manner at all times
  • Encourage staff to validate their nursing expertise through the documentation process

To complete the brief 10 question survey, please click below

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