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Shhh! We’re preventing medication errors here!

A creative way to prevent medication errors from the pages of our Briefings on Patient Safety newsletter:

Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, TX, took a creative approach to cut down on medication errors when it created a “no-talk zone.”

“Distractions were definitely becoming an issue with medication errors,” says Gail Martin, MBA, RN, quality analyst at Citizens Medical Center. The main problem was that two of the facility’s busiest and most critical floors had Pyxis medication dispensing machines located out in the open-next to the coffee pot and across from the nurses’ station, says Martin.

Though the obvious solution was to relocate the Pyxis machines, it was not feasible at that time, says Martin.

“That costs money. And we’re a county hospital, so it wasn’t happening,” she says. “It is in our future plans, but for the immediate future, we needed to do something.”

So, Martin’s team brainstormed different signage asking staff and hospital visitors not to disturb anyone using a Pyxis machine, especially in a busy area. They eventually settled on a simple “no-talk zone” sign much like a “no smoking” sign. The lettering is black, and the symbol is red. The sign is displayed on the floor in front of the Pyxis machine, kind of like a mat slicked on the floor, says Martin.

The “no-talk zone” has been in place for a year and has paid dividends. Since the start of 2007, five medication errors have been attributed to frequent interruptions, lighting, or noise level; this is a decrease from the entire year of 2006, in which 23 medication errors were attributed to the same causes, according to Martin.

What does your organization do to prevent medication errors? Do you think something like this “no-talk zone” would work where you are?

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