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Bring the Medicare Boot Camp®—Long-Term Care Version or the Skilled Nursing Facility Volume- to Value-based Reimbursement Boot Camp to your facility. If you have a group to train, holding a Boot Camp at your organization is easy and cost-effective. Eliminate travel costs and enjoy a group discount while ensuring your entire staff is up to date on the latest regulations and guidelines. Learn more about each of our long-term care boot camps below.

Medicare Boot Camp – Long-Term Care Version

This HCPro Boot Camp covers the Medicare rules and regulations applicable to skilled nursing facilities. The objective of this four day course is to provide course participants with a detailed understanding of the Medicare “rules” with a particular emphasis on the operational application of those rules. This program follows a Medicare patient from pre-admission through discharge, addressing the function of each department, and uncovering the pitfalls along the way. Our exceptional instructors provide positive reinforcement and ensure that every student learns, regardless of previous experience level.

Skilled nursing facilities are under increasing financial pressure and Medicare accounts for a large portion of their revenue. Completion of the Medicare Boot Camp – Long-Term Care Version will give you the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Find the answers for your most troublesome Medicare questions
  • Determine the correct MDS-driven payment category and bill accurately
  • Improve interdepartmental communication to avoid compliance pitfalls
  • Prevent missing revenue and denials
  • Improve communication that will increase the productivity of your billing and MDS staff
  • Gain nursing and nursing home administrator CEUs

The Medicare Boot Camp – Long-Term Care Version is offered around the United States at various locations. For a list of upcoming courses, click here.

Survey Prep for Long-Term Care

Building solid operational and clinical processes is key for skilled nursing facilities (SNF) to stay compliant under the numerous Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulatory changes effective October 1. The evolving “volume to value” industry landscape brings with it more accountability, higher outcome standards, and incentivized payment systems.

HCPro’s Skilled Nursing Facility Volume- to Value-Based Reimbursement Boot Camp covers the industry changes that impact your processes and provides guidance on how to improve compliance and ultimately become a preferred provider.

FY 2018 payment rates are triggered by data collection between October 1 and December 31, 2016.This two-day intensive Boot Camp provides attendees with the guidance needed to ensure processes are in place to collect accurate, appropriate MDS and claims data. It also provides guidance on the industry’s future payment models, the methodology of the quality measures associated with them, and strategies to remain resilient in the future marketplace.

The Skilled Nursing Facility Volume- to Value-Based Reimbursement Boot Camp offers the help you need to:

  • Identify the new care delivery models impacting post acute care
  • Appropriately code the new MDS Section GG, Functional Abilities and Goals
  • Understand the top five MDS changes, including the End of Stay item set; Section C, Cognitive Patterns; Section GG, Functional Abilities and Goals; Section M, Skin Conditions; and Section N, Medications
  • Develop solid infrastructure and internal processes to achieve accurate reimbursement and quality outcomes
  • Improve internal processes and develop a solid infrastructure to achieve accurate reimbursement and quality outcomes
  • Improve your SNF’s ability to become a preferred provider


The Skilled Nursing Facility Volume- to Value-Based Reimbursement Boot Camp is offered around the United States at various locations. For a list of upcoming courses, click here.

For more detailed information about any of our Boot Camps, contact us at 800-650-6787 (or

Meet our long-term care regulatory specialists

Stefanie Corbett, DHA

Stefanie has extensive experience in the post-acute care realm. She has served in various senior leadership roles in healthcare organizations, founded a healthcare consulting firm specializing in regulatory compliance and operations management for post-acute care organizations, and has taught as an assistant professor in healthcare administration programs. In her new role as Post-Acute Care Regulatory Specialist for HCPro, Stefanie develops quality educational programs and investigates new opportunities for business development. She applies her expertise, leadership skills and industry experience in her role as lead instructor for HCPro’s Medicare Boot Camp – Long Term Care version and her advice is frequently featured on PAA’s “Ask the Expert” page.

Carol Marshall, MA

Carol Marshall is an adjunct professor for HCPro. As a risk management and regulatory specialist, based in Fort Worth, TX for the past 18 years, she has trained managers and staff members in long-term care facilities about the benefits of exceptional customer service and risk management. Her areas of expertise include risk management, quality assurance, performance improvement, program development and training in long-term and post-acute care settings.

FR headshotFrosini Rubertino, RN, CRNAC, C-NE, CDONA/LTC

Frosini is a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in the health care industry. Former president of an Ohio-based long-term care consulting and education firm, and a former member of the Arkansas Healthcare Association’s Education Committee, she is currently a clinical services consultant with an Arkansas-based clinical consultant group. As an HCPro faculty member, she brings her experience in risk management, regulatory compliance, clinical systems, and education into the classroom for the Medicare Boot Camp® – Long Term Care Version course.

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