Hospice provider preview reports now available

Hospice provider preview reports and Hospice Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) Survey ® provider preview reports are now available. These are two separate reports available in your Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reports (CASPER) folder.
Hospice providers are encouraged to review their Hospice Item Set (HIS) quality measure results from Quarter 3- 2016 to Quarter 2-2017 and their facility-level CAHPS® survey results from Quarter 3, 2015 to Quarter 2, 2017.
Providers have 30-days to …

CMS provides Home Health CAHPS survey protocol update

If Home Health CAHPS survey vendors want to display an agency’s name and/or logo on mailing envelopes, the vendors need to obtain the agency’s permission, according to CMS.
The vendor also needs to get assurances that the agency doesn’t consider the name and/or logo to be a HIPAA risk.
Each vendor needs to determine the kinds of documentation or assurances are necessary from agencies “for its own internal recordkeeping to feel comfortable submitting the Exceptions Request Form …

Survey preparation experts will share their top tips on Wednesday, March 7

It’s important that providers understand how the new survey process differs from prior survey cycles and what to expect from surveyors before they arrive at the facility. On Wednesday, March 7, from 1:00-2:00pm, ET survey preparation experts Reginald M. Hislop III, PhD, and Diane R. Hislop, RN, will help providers prepare for the new QIS-driven survey process during their live webinar show, Reduce Citation Risk: Understanding Phase 2 Requirements for Survey Readiness.
They will also teach …