Dying At Home In An Opioid Crisis: Hospices Grapple With Stolen Meds

The following is republished with permission from the author, Melissa Bailey, Kaiser Health News.
Nothing seemed to help the patient — and hospice staff didn’t know why.
They sent home more painkillers for weeks. But the elderly woman, who had severe dementia and incurable breast cancer, kept calling out in pain.
The answer came when the woman’s daughter, who was taking care of her at home, showed up in the emergency room with a life-threatening overdose of …

2018 hospice final rule increases payments by $180 million

by: Josh Poltilove

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Medicare’s hospice payments, adjusted for inflation and other factors, will rise an estimated 1% in 2018, according to the final hospice payment rule posted Aug. 1.

 That’s a $180 million increase.

 By comparison, the 2017 final rule included a 2.1% increase — $350 million — in payments.

The dropoff is largely due to a one-time reduction in the …

Six ways to maximize your clinical and operational outcomes

Managed care organizations (MCO) are breaking new ground when it comes to controlling and reducing long-term healthcare costs, changing the way care is delivered in today’s skilled nursing facility (SNF). With the number of managed care beneficiaries increasing every year and continual changes in how care is administered and reimbursed, it’s essential that SNFs understand best practices for optimizing managed care partnerships to increase their revenue and avoid losing substantial sums of money. The following …

After-hours activities: Getting everyone involved

Editorial note: This post is an excerpt from HCPro’s new edition of  The Big Book of Resident Activities, a resource for activity professionals that outlines more than 100 specific activity ideas by target audience, timeframe, recommended group size, and cognitive function, including tools and downloads such as sample activity calendars, care plans, and resident assessments.
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) mandates that the facility must provide for an ongoing program of activities designed …