CMS adds targeted probe and educate to the Medicare program integrity manual

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CMS has issued a change request to add a targeted probe and educate sub-section to the Medicare program integrity manual.
The information will be added to the third chapter, which deals with verifying potential errors and taking corrective actions, according to change request 10876. The change takes effect Sept. 17, 2018.
The guidance for Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) includes an overview of the program, provider selection, one-on-one provider education, post-probe activity and referrals.
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CDC rolls out second installment on new antibiotic stewardship program

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has rolled out its second installment of its antibiotic stewardship program. Two more segments are set to follow later this year.
Section 2 is comprised of 4 modules. Module 4a will cover what we know about outpatient antibiotic use in the United States. Additionally, inappropriate antibiotic usages will be discussed and the opportunities for improvement. Module 4b will discuss the barriers to appropriate outpatient antibiotic prescribing to identify …

CMS seeks public comment on new proposed Medicare application process

CMS announced plans to streamline the Medicare application process for providers by making changes to the Medicare enrollment application to make applying for eligibility a smoother process. According to Modern Healthcare, changes will include removing duplicate fields, adding new specialty codes for physicians and non-physician practitioners and questions with “Yes/No” check boxes. The order of questions will also be rearranged to allow the form to have a more logical order.
Another goal of these changes is …

CMS releases new reference guide for home health quality reporting program

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A recently released reference guide provides key information about the home health quality reporting program.
On July 16, CMS released a quick reference guide that includes guidance ranging from frequently asked questions — like how to verify submissions and submission deadlines for HHCAHPS data — to helpful links and additional resources.
CMS publishes the quality measures home health agencies must report by Oct. 1 each year.
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