Ask the expert: COT dates

Q: Here is a situation for you.

Resident admitted: 03/08/2013
M5 ARD: 3/15/2013
A/M14 ARD: 3/20/2013 (Therapy RUG)
D/C-re-entry less than 24 hrs, EOT ARD = 3/24/2013 (NSG level) with resumption on 3/25/2013

Should I have a COT on 3/31/2013? I think the answer is yes, but could you clarify?
A: I agree with you that March 31st would be the ARD of any necessary COT. The MDS 3.0 User’s Manual v 1.09 indicates that the date of resumption is the …

Ask the expert: ARD dates

Q: I have a scenario that I find a bit confusing:

Admission: 12/13/12
M5: 12/20/12
M14: 12/27/12
M30: 1/9/13
MD ordered home rehab: 1/11/13
EOT DONE 1/13/13
EOT-R: 1/14 then on 1/20/13

When would the COT be? Can these dates be correct?
A: The ARD dates in the scenario are within the allowable timeframes, providing the M5, M14, M30 are all ARD dates. However, without more information regarding therapy RUG scores, it’s impossible to tell whether the Medicare 14 day was combined with the …

If a patient receives only four days of skilled therapy in a week but does not miss three consecutive days, does a COT OMRA need to be done if there was no change in actual RTM delivered in the 7-day rolling period?

Regulatory Specialist Diane Brown answers a visitor’s question about COT OMRA completion requirements.