Post-acute care might see relaxation of emergency prep requirements

Home health agencies and other facilities only would need to review their emergency preparedness programs every two years if a proposal from CMS is finalized.
CMS’ proposed rule, “Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Regulatory Provisions to Promote Program Efficiency, Transparency, and Burden Reduction,” was included in the Sept. 20 Federal Register. The federal Medicare agency is seeking to reduce burdens for health care providers and patients.
The proposal includes several changes that would affect CMS’ emergency preparedness requirement, …

CMS posts final interpretive guidelines for revised CoPs

CMS on Aug. 31 posted the final interpretive guidelines for the revised Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs).
The 77 pages of guidelines are effective immediately and should be communicated with all survey and certification staff, managers and state/regional office training coordinators within 30 days of Aug. 31.

Post Acute Medical to pay anti-kickback fines

Post Acute Medical, LLC, (PAM) a Pennsylvania-based operator of long-term care and rehab nationwide, has agreed to pay the United States, Texas, and Louisianaafter violating the False Claims Act. PAM’s conduct allegedly resulted in false claims to Medicare as well as certain Medicaid programs. The latter are jointly funded by both the federal and state governments. Under the settlement, PAM will pay $13,031,502 to the United States, $114,016 to Texas, and $22,482 to Louisiana.
PAM has …

Does the home health episode have any effect on readmission?

By The Bottom Line
Q: We have a patient that was in the hospital for one week. The patient went to another skilled nursing facility (SNF) for 25 days, then went home, but used home health services. The patient now wants to come back into our SNF. It is within 30 days of the previous SNF stay, so this should be ok, but the SNF wants to know if the home health episode has any effect …