Hospice Tip: How to collect HIS data collection when a patient transfers hospice providers

The following in an excerpt of The Hospice Guide to Quality Care and Reporting: Promoting Sustainability in an Evolving Regulatory Climate by Diane Link, RN, MHA. Click here for more information.
From a regulatory standpoint, any hospice staff member, including volunteers, contractors, and affiliates (e.g., staff from the quality division of the health system to which a hospice belongs), may complete the HIS.
Because the onus is on the hospice to submit accurate, complete, and timely …

Hospice tip: Understand OIG reports and what CDI can do in response

There have been four recent OIG reports specifically reviewing hospice compliance. The OIG Report entitled “Medicare hospices have a financial incentive to provide care in assisted living facilities,” published in January 2015, revealed that Medicare payments in assisted living facilities more than doubled in five years (2007–2012), care provided was for longer periods, and diagnoses identified were less complex care (e.g., diagnoses of ill-defined conditions, mental disorders, or Alzheimer’s disease). The OIG’s findings are pertinent …

Noncompliance letters on HQRP, new Q&A on HIS

CMS notified hospice providers that are noncompliant with Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP) requirements for CY 2016. According to CMS, any hospice determined to be noncompliant may be subject to a two percentage point reduction in their FY 2018 annual payment update.
Noncompliance letters were dated July 18, 2017, and sent by mail and via the Quality Improvement and Evaluation Systems (QIES) – Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reporting (CASPER) system.
Check your CASPER folder to determine …

New PEPPER available for home health agencies, CMS updates to Home Health Compare

A few updates for home health:
New Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Reports (PEPPERs) through CY 2016 are available for Home Health Agencies (HHAs). These reports summarize provider-specific data statistics for Medicare services that may be at risk for improper payments. Providers can use the data to support internal auditing and monitoring activities.
Access your PEPPER files at the PEPPER Resources Portal. 
Also, CMS says that Home Health Compare will be refreshed in October 2017 and will …