Senator McCain casts vote regarding Graham-Cassidy bill

In a press release published last week, Senator John McCain announced his lack of support for the Graham-Cassidy bill, a last-ditch attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act before the September 30 budget reconciliation deadline, explaining that he “would consider supporting legislation similar to that offered [by the bill] were it the product of extensive hearings, debate and amendment. But that has not been the case,” said McCain. “Instead, the specter of September …

Preview reports for November compare refresh available

Provider Preview Reports are now available and hospice providers are encouraged to preview their quality measure results based on Quarter 1-2016 to Quarter 4-2016 data, prior to the November 2017 Hospice Compare refresh. Providers have 30 days to preview their quality measure results (August 29, 2017 through September 28, 2017).
For more information, visit the Hospice Quality Public Reporting webpage and Previe​w Report Access Instructions.

Tip: Follow policy on staff discipline and discharge

The agency’s policies and procedures will include a discipline and discharge policy. It is important for the administrator/HR professional to follow the policy as written. Discipline is an important tool for managing agency personnel. Discipline can address poorly performing employees, resulting in improved performance, which benefits the employee and the agency. Following the discipline and discharge policies can also protect the agency against wrongful discharge claims. However, for discipline and discharge policies to have the …

Caregivers draw support by mapping their relationships

Editor’s note: This article has been republished with permission from the author, Judith Graham, Kaiser Health News.
DENVER — Every time Jacque Pearson tried to devise a plan to move her 81-year-old dad, who has Alzheimer’s, from his home in Boise, Idaho, to hers in Denver, she felt stuck. Then, two weeks ago, she had a breakthrough.
It happened at an AARP-sponsored session in which Pearson created a “CareMap” — a hand-drawn picture showing all the people …