Rates unchanged for outsourced coders amid fierce industry competition

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Coders working for outsourced coding companies probably haven’t received a salary increase in quite a while.
That’s according to DecisionHealth’s 2018 Home Health Coders’ Salary Survey, which drew 322 respondents.
Consider that the owner of one outsourced coding company, who asked that her identity not be revealed, reports that the amount she pays contracted coders performing coding and OASIS review hasn’t changed in seven years.
The rate this owner pays for coding-only …

Breaking News: CDC releases final list of 2019 ICD-10-CM codes

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Providers will have a total of 473 code changes beginning Oct. 1, including 279 new codes, 143 revised codes and 51 deactivated codes, according to the final list of changes issued June 11 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The majority of the new codes added to the final update are codes describing exploitation of children and adults, such as T76.51xD (Adult forced sexual exploitation, suspected, subsequent encounter) …

Proposed hospice rule shows Alzheimer’s is top diagnosis

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Now that Alzheimer’s disease has risen to become by far the most commonly used hospice claims-reported diagnosis, hospices must be even more certain that their documentation for Alzheimer’s patients can withstand auditor scrutiny.
G30.9 (Alzheimer’s disease, unspecified) was listed as a principal diagnosis 155,066 in the 2017 fiscal year.
That’s roughly twice as often as any other principal diagnosis, according to the 2019 proposed hospice payment rule posted April 27.
While Alzheimer’s …

Home health: Surgical wound infection codes set to expand dramatically in FY2019

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Home health coders could have 435 ICD-10-CM code changes to deal with starting Oct. 1, with 247 new codes, 139 revised codes and 49 codes rendered invalid, according to the proposed hospital inpatient prospective payment system rule (IPPS) rule released April 24.

One notable code, T81.4xxA (Infection following a procedure, initial encounter), could become invalid in the new code year.

That’s because T81.4xxA, which is the code assigned to capture active treatment provided …