Proposed hospice rule shows Alzheimer’s is top diagnosis

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Now that Alzheimer’s disease has risen to become by far the most commonly used hospice claims-reported diagnosis, hospices must be even more certain that their documentation for Alzheimer’s patients can withstand auditor scrutiny.
G30.9 (Alzheimer’s disease, unspecified) was listed as a principal diagnosis 155,066 in the 2017 fiscal year.
That’s roughly twice as often as any other principal diagnosis, according to the 2019 proposed hospice payment rule posted April 27.
While Alzheimer’s …

Could education prevent the overuse of antibiotics for UTIs?

A study recently published in the Annals of Long-Term Care found that a checklist and certain other care and training interventions lowered the risk of UTIs and over-treatment of UTIs with antibiotics. Results of the study were presented at the American Geriatric Society 2018 Annual Scientific Meetings in Orlando, FL.
The study is part of a Geriatric Fellowship program at Florida Hospital. The study found that a urinalysis is often requested by family or the care …

Are SNFs turning away those with opioid addiction? And is that legal?

A new article in STAT explores whether long-term care facilities can legally turn away those seeking post-acute care who are taking medicine to treat opioid addiction. According to STAT, many nursing facilities routinely — and sometimes systematically and by policy — do not take in otherwise eligible residents for care if they are on medicines for opioid addition, such as methadone or buprenorphine.
However, experts say this violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, and that the …

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