FAQ: How to comply with OASIS-D in 2019

Source: Home Health Line

The following Q&A exchange comes from a recent DecisionHealth webinar about preparing for OASIS-D, where agencies asked questions of industry expert Arlynn Hansell, owner of Therapy and More, LLC in Cincinnati.

Q: What are your top takeaways from the final guidance manual?

A: First, really early on clinicians and agency staff have to get familiar with the GG items, what they’re really asking for, the interplay with the M1800 items and the activity not attempted codes. There are a lot of “88 — not attempted due to medical conditions or safety concerns” and “09 — not applicable” responses being used and OASIS reviewers at Therapy and More, LLC can’t find any rhyme or reason for it.

I don’t know if agencies are rushing through it or just don’t get it. These things do take time to learn and the problem is there are just so many of them that if the clinician screws it up once, she might get it in her head that it’s the right way to do it and just keep doing it that way. For that reason, a lot of time needs to be spent learning these GG items because they are not going away.

Second, agencies need to have a plan for how to handle the elimination of M2250 (Plan of care synopsis). That item called for things that need to be on your plan of care. Get orders for interventions and track that these interventions are done so that when it’s time to complete M2401 (Intervention synopsis) at transfer and discharge, the information is readily available.

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