Long-Term Care: Achieve better compliance through service contract review

Readers, I just finished our tech run for our next webinar on contract reviews and it’s going to be a great program! This webinar will help skilled nursing facilities take a look at their current vendor contracts and better negotiate future contract for better negotiation, compliance, and lower risk! And who better to help you with than an attorney who focuses on regulatory and compliance issues in the post-acute arena, Todd J. Selby.

As it turns out, your service contracts could create liability and compliance issues if you’re not paying attention. Ensure you know the federal Requirements of Participation – including specific regulations that should be addressed in your contracts. Here’s the full agenda, and you can find more here!


  • Don’t expose providers to liability by overlooking typical contract terms
    • Review of “boilerplate” language in contracts and what to look for
    • Tips on negotiating basic contract terms
    • How basic contract terms can expose providers to regulatory and financial risk
    • Types of service contracts that providers likely have in place
  • Contracts and federal Requirements of Participation (RoP) and state licensure laws
    • Federal and state laws that require contracts
    • How a good contract management process can help providers keep up with changes in regulations
    • Make contract management a part of a compliance plan
  • Specific RoPs that should be addressed in service contracts
    • Specific requirements of the new long-term care facility RoPs
    • Guidance to help providers maintain compliant contracts
    • New Facility Assessment and Compliance and Ethics Program RoPs
  • How faulty service contracts expose long-term care facilities to potential healthcare fraud and abuse laws
    • Analysis of hospice and long-term care facility contracts that are often a target of the Office of Inspector General
    • How contract provisions can run afoul of the Anti-Kickback Statute
    • Best-practice contract terms to ensure providers are not in violation of health fraud and abuse laws
  • Live Q&A

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