More than 35k Louisiana nursing home and group home residents could be evicted

More than 35,000 Louisiana Medicaid recipients could lose their benefits if proposed state cuts the state Senate votes to approves the budget that the state House of Representatives has already approved. If the Louisiana Senate does approve the cuts, CMS still needs to approve the change that would change benefits on July 1, leaving many ineligible for benefits and therefore would be discharged overnight.

The Louisiana Department of Health will send letters to 37,000 Medicaid recipients today that warn of the possible change. The cuts would eliminate the Medicaid Long Term Care Special Income Level Program Eligibility Group, which provides services for approximately 80% of nursing facility residents in the state. The program provides care for the elderly, blind, disabled, and those with monthly incomes between $750 and $2,250.

The proposed cuts would force the closure of many nursing homes in the state and leaving 25,000 people without a job, according to the Louisiana Nursing Home Association, which said in a recent statement:

The Louisiana Nursing Home Association (LNHA) is continuing to work closely with our members, residents, families and staff to identify next steps for those who will be affected by these unimaginable cuts.

This is not the time to take sides in a political debate. We are not concerned with politics, but with the health, safety and livelihood of tens of thousands of Louisiana’s elderly who will be hurt. On behalf of our residents, families and staff, we are hopeful that our elected officials will soon restore these cuts.


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