Bill proposed that would pay seniors to write a will

A bipartisan bill was introduced to the House on July 11 that would pay older adults $75 to put together a living will.


If passed, CMS would pay Medicare beneficiaries upon completion of an advanced directive so that wishes for medical treatment in the event the patient cannot direct treatment him or herself results. The directive can be cancelled or changed at any time, but would have to be electronic. The bill proposes that CMS certify vendors to help create and store the wills. The bill has not been reviewed by the Congressional Budget Office yet.


The effort might save costs overall as end-of-life care, particularly in the hospital, can be some of the costliest care.

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  1. Toni M Lighty, RN, OCN, CMAS

    I think this is one of the better ideas that all patients and caregivers and children should have imagined possible a long time ago

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