Do you have any specific guidelines we can use to transition from RAPs to CAAs?

Q: I am wondering about the whole CAT CAA process and how much different it is than RAPS? Do we know exactly what CMS is looking for? It has been very confusing and our facility is struggling to get some cohesiveness to the process. Do you have any specific guidelines we can use or some info on what the difference should be from the RAP process?

A: Chapter 4 of the RAI User’s Manual describes the CAA process in detail. Regulation no longer mandates that the assessment resource tools be used to complete the CAA’s. They have been revised and are still available in Appendix C of the RAI, but providers have the option of using other evidence-based research or clinical practice guidelines. If you choose to use the resources in Appendix C, the 9 steps for using care area specific resources listed are on page C-3 of the RAI. Either way, your resource must be listed in your CAA summary. Your CAA documentation should include information on the complicating factors, risks, and any referrals for the resident regarding the particular care area.

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