Is it necessary to complete the interview processes for a discharge assessment?

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Q: What is the requirement to complete a discharge MDS for a resident who has a planned discharged to the community? Is it necessary to complete the interview process?

A: When the discharge is planned, SNFs are required to complete the discharge assessment in its entirety, including the resident interviews that apply for this assessment. Section F is missing from the discharge assessment and, therefore, you would not have to complete the interview for Daily and Activity Preferences. But the BIMs, PHQ-9, and pain interviews are all included on the discharge MDS and must be completed for all planned discharges. It is only for an unplanned/emergency discharge that SNFs may not be able to complete all aspects of the assessment, such as the resident interviews, and should just complete the assessment to the best of their ability.

A little more information on coding and completing discharge assessments: If the discharge is return not anticipated within 30 days, you would code item A0310F as 10. If the discharge was return anticipated within 30 days, you would code item A0310F as 11. The MDS completion deadline for both of these assessments would be the discharge date + 14 days and the submission deadline would be the MDS completion date + 14 days.


By Kelly Constantine on October 2nd, 2010 at 11:58 am

Hi Diane, I would like to know when the completion of section F will be required? I have heard that we will only be completing section F for admissions and annuals.

When re-rugging during the conversion from MDS 2.0 to MDS 3.0 can you clarify if the same day can be used for a 5-day and 14-day assessment. For instance a resident admitted on 9/20/10 my understanding is a 3.0 5-day would need to be done Oct 1-2 and a 3.0 14-day would need to be done day 10/2-10. Can both be done on October 2 and still avoid the default rate?

I am unable to find specific parts of the RAI that allow dashes except in Section C. I do not know how to truthfully complete a MDS, for example, a pain assessment when the person is Code Blue leaving the building and they have not been in a lookback assessment. Our software does not allow dashes in every section because they do not have directive of where that is in their tech info. Do you have a source that says a dash can be entered in all sections?

By Linda Hawkins on October 4th, 2010 at 11:54 pm

1. RE: Entry Tracking Form (8 pages)
Due: Within 7 Days
Transmitted: Within 14 Days

Is this form required before the PPS 5 day assessment? The information is the same on both forms. I understand the need for completing the entry tracking on non PPS Residents but it seems like double work. Can we combine?

By Linda Hawkins on October 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

RE: A2400A

Please clarify this question.

If the Resident is admitted with Medicare Part A in place wouldn’t the start date of most recent Medicare stay be: The date of admission to SNF?


I was told by the MDS coordinator that the ARD for activities and social services does not apply and that we are to complete the MDS anytime from day 1 to the ARD. What is the reasoning for this. If I complete on day one it does not give a clear picture of the resident since admission.

By Judie Michaud on October 7th, 2010 at 9:55 pm

Please tell mee this 42 page discharge will be eliminated! It is almost a complete repeat of the admission mds. Very time consuming and how do you ask a deceased patient any of those questions especially if they died before you even had a chance to meet them? Someone spent a lot of time with very poor insight as to the cost of paper and need for extra staff to meet all these requirements.

Although the discharge assessment required under the MDS 3.0 means more work for the interdisciplinary team, it could help track an individual’s progess across healthcare settings to improve care transitions and even the quality of care people receive.

Also, if the resident passes away or is unexpectadly discharged due to an emergency, the residnet interviews do not have to be completed. In these situations, just complete the assessment to the best of your ability based on information from staff members and the medical record.

By Judie Michaud on October 10th, 2010 at 2:19 pm

The discharge MDS Is way to long. The renetry is about 8 pages and that seems appropriate. We had 6 discharges the on Friday and it took me 4 hours to complete the process to the best of my ability. In my opinion the admission MDS is sufficient since we show progress and/or decline by doing a significant change MDS Big, big waste of paper and nursing time. This what most are saying!

if a patient dies on day 2 is a 5 day assessment done with discharge



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