Understanding the Code of Federal Regulations

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is a national publication of a codified system of general and permanent rules that is published by the Federal Register. The executive departments of the federal government are responsible for publishing these regulations, which are updated each calendar year and on a quarterly basis. The CFR is divided into different areas and is made up of regulations that guide a number of areas in our society, with the nursing home industry being one of these areas. Regulations that govern the nursing home industry are covered in a number of major headings. Each major section covers a large number of specific areas and citations. Some of the CFR sections that govern the nursing home industry include:

  • Resident rights – CFR 483.10
  • Admission, transfer, and discharge rights – CFR 483.12
  • Resident behavior and facility practices – CFR 483.13
  • Quality of life – CFR 483.15
  • Quality of care – CFR 483.25
  • Nursing services – CFR 483.30
  • Dietary services – CFR 483.35
  • Physician services – CFR 483.40
  • Specialized rehabilitative services – CFR 483.45
  • Dental services – CFR 483.55
  • Pharmacy services – CFR 483.60
  • Infection control – CFR 483.65
  • Physical services – CFR 483.70
  • Administration – CFR 483.75

This is an excerpt from the HCPro book, The Long-Term Care Administrator’s Field Guide, by Brian Garavaglia, PhD.

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