Our top 20 Twitter feed recommendations

As social networking and micro-blogging Web sites become a popular resource for people looking for up-to-the-minute information, many long-term care providers, associations, and professionals are turning to Twitter (www.twitter.com). Twitter allows its users to update their friends, colleagues, customers, or any interested individual about news, new products, or other information they would like to share. We use Twitter to alert our followers about long-term care regulations and to share industry news and helpful tips.

In doing so, we have come across a number of informative Twitter feeds related to long-term care. The following is a list of our top 20, arranged alphabetically. Each includes a brief description: 

  • aarpbulletin – Tweets for AARP, covering health care reform and other related topics
  • agooddaughter – Tweets about long-term care management
  • ahcancal –Tweets for the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living about a variety of health care issues, including news involving long-term care
  • AlzheimersInfo – Tweets about caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia
  • ALZHEIMERSread – Tweets for the Alzheimer’s Reading room about resources available in caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia
  • AMDALTCMedicine – Tweets about long-term care medication news and health care reform
  • ASCpolicy – Tweets about the need for affordable improvements in long-term care and assisted living
  • choiceeldercare – Tweets about long-term care options and insurance issues
  • consultdoc – Tweets about health care finance and patient quality
  • daccarte – Tweets about enhancing the quality of life for seniors
  • Donnawcei – Tweets about wound care
  • ElderCareRN – Tweets about providing care for seniors and the long-term care industry
  • lbramly –Tweets about caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia
  • Medpac – Tweets about health care reform
  • mjimenez13 – Tweets about Medicare
  • nih_gov – Tweets for the National Institutes of Health about medical technology, research, and advances
  • NewHealthDialog –Tweets about health care reform, particularly regarding cost, quality, and coverage
  • payersproviders – Tweets about the health care industry and business policy
  • SeniorsResource – Tweets about providing care information for seniors and their caretakers
  • WSJHealthBlog – Tweets for the Wall Street Journal Health Blog about health news, analysis, and business

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  1. Dale Carter

    Thank you for including me in your Top 20 Twitter list. I am honored to be included with these other organizations which I follow and highly respect.

  2. Hello Everyone!
    We have received such a positive response from our top 20 LTC Twitter feeds list that we are working on a more extensive list. If you would like to be considered, please email me at mkimball@hcpro.com and include your Twitter name and a brief description of what you do and topics you Tweet about.
    MacKenzie Kimball

  3. grandchild

    Great list! Thanks for the new resources! I follow a good one that didn’t make it on the list @retirelife Provides a lot of information about eldercare

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