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ICD-10-PCS root operation: Creation

Odds are, most coders will never use ICD-10-PCS table 0W4. Why? Because root operation 4 is creation (making a new genital structure that does not physically take the place of a body part). Unless the physician is performing a sex change operation, you won’t report creation.

TipsCreation is not used to report creation of an anastomosis or a bypass or a pouch for a pacemaker. It’s only used for sex change operations.

If you do code for these procedures, you have a very small table. You have only two choices for a fourth character:

  • M, perineum, male
  • N, perineum, female

You pick the fourth character based on the current gender of the patient. The qualifier (seventh character) identifies the body part being created (0 for vagina, 1 for penis).

The approach is always open. The only other information you need is the device, and you have four choices:

  • 7, autologous tissue substitute
  • J, synthetic substitute
  • K, nonautologous tissue substitute
  • Z, no device

If the physician harvests tissue from the patient to create the new penis or vagina, report a code for the harvesting procedure in addition to the creation operation. The seventh character for the creation in this case would be 7.

If the tissue comes from a donor tissue bank, use the seventh character K. You would only report the creation procedure.


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