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Training not limited to coders

By now you have probably heard that you need to train more than just your coders on ICD-10. Shelley Weems, RHIA, CCS, implementation lead for the Health Information Management Program Office for the Veterans Health Administration’s Office of Informatics and Analytics reinforced that point during the opening day of the AHIMA ICD-10 and CAC Summit in Baltimore.

Weems estimated that between 70% and 75% of the VA Health Administration staff would need some training on ICD-10.

“I joke that laundry and groundskeeping are the only people who don’t need to know about ICD-10 and it’s true,” Weems said.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a big red Easy button on your computer to make the transition a piece of cake.

Organizations need to look at their business processes and identify everywhere an ICD-9 code appears. Determine how your systems interact and store data so you have a clear understanding of the process when you start transitioning to ICD-10.

Coders were initially very anxious about the transition, but Weems and others on the VA’s transition team have calmed many of the coders’ fears through education and training.

But for everyone else, the transition is still pretty scary. So make sure you include all of those other stakeholders when you conduct awareness and education programs.


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