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And the answer to our alphanumeric soup question is …

Earlier this week, we posted the following ICD-10 pop quiz question submitted by Asad Ali Rizvi of Quadax Inc:

Because ICD-10-CM is alphanumeric, what should you keep in mind about the code structure to avoid confusion between the letter “I” and the number “1”, and the letter “O” versus the number “0” when they appear in ICD-10 codes?

The answer is (drumroll please) … the first character of an ICD-10-CM code can only be the letter “I” or “O.” If it is not the first character, it can only be number “1” or “0.”

The first character in ICD-10-CM codes is always an alpha character. Neither “I” nor “O” appear anywhere else in an ICD-10-CM code.

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