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Spoiler alert! See the answer to our recent pop quiz

Practice-TestIn a recent ICD-10 Watch post, we challenged our subscribers to test their ICD-10 knowledge with a little pop quiz.

ICD-9-CM code 084.4 (Other malaria) crosswalks to what ICD-10-CM code(s)?

Check out some of the answers fellow ICD-10 Watchers submitted:

Using the ICD-10-CM Complete Official Draft Code Set provided by NCHS and published by Ingenix, I looked up Malaria, specified type NEC in the Index which referred me to code B53.8 in the Tabular. – Penelope Deotte

I used the new Code Translator Tool (ICD-10 Conversion) provided by the AAPC. I keyed in 084.4 and was presented with two choices:

  • B53.1 (Malaria due to simian plasmodia)
  • B53.8 (Other Malaria NEC)

I selected B53.8 since Other Malaria was in the question and did not say anything about simian plasmodia, (process of elemination). – Charlyne Hill, CPC

I just used the ICD-10-CM Draft Code Set and the code for Malaria, Other is B53.8. – Tara Blum, RHIA

I first went to the AAPC Online conversion tool and found B53.1(Malaria due to simian plasmodia)and B53.8 (Other malaria, not elsewhere classified). I also found the NCHS 2009 code set on-line, which pointed to the same possible codes, as well as B54 (Unspecified malaria). Sticking to the “other malaria” and the fact that nothing was said about “simian plasmodia,” I would also settle on B53.8. – Patricia Kustra, CPC-A

It’s unanimous! ICD-10-CM code B53.8 is the correct code. It’s great to see different people used a variety of methods to get their answer, which just shows that the coding community has a growing number of tools and resources at their fingertips. Stay tuned for more pop quizzes!

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